Wednesday, July 12, 2006


Postcards From The Road

I was cruising down the street in Mesa yesterday, over the speed limit but within the threshold beyond which you risk geeting a speeding ticket from The Man, when I came across a photo radar van parked alongside the street. A thought came to me. What if you snuck up on Mesa's photo radar vehicle and stole the license plate, then put it on your own car and hauled ass down the 101 in Scottsdale about 90MPH past their photo radars? Would Scottsdale PD send a ticket to Mesa PD?

Even better: What if you did the same thing, but instead drove past the same photo radar vehicle from which you just stole the plate? Would the van send a ticket to itself? Even better, do it about twenty times, wearing a bag over your head and flipping the bird at the camera, while your passenger simultaneously mashes his ass up against the window.

In Tempe, I saw a guy decked out like a Hell's Angel wannabe. He was big, baldheaded looking dude with three days' worth of beard growth, a sleeveless tee-shirt, boots, black pants, pitch-black sunglasses, and a bandana on his dome. Impressive! Or at least he would have been, had he not been riding a moped. I don't mean a scooter, either, or a small motorcycle. I mean a moped, the kind with the bicycyle pedals. Maybe he was a member of Hell's Dorks, Hell's Accountants, or even Hell's Interior Decorators.

Takes all kinds, I guess.

Today is Mateo's (my oldest son's) birthday, his 28th. Man, am I getting old.......


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