Monday, November 16, 2009


The Best Albums You Never Heard

I've often heard that smells more quickly retrieve memories than any other sense. I know whenever I have the now rare opportunity on a cold day to be someplace where they use propane space heaters, I am immediately swept back to my grandparents' home on on remote ranch in eastern New Mexico. A cold, windswept, high plains day, in a cozy home full of love and the smells of Grandma's home cooking. It brings a tear to my eye every time.

Some songs have that effect, too, often more strongly. Such was the case the first time I heard Riverside on Dave Zobls' 2008 release, And So It Goes. Suddenly, there I was with my best high school buddies, my rattle trap car parked above us on the bank, sitting in the shade of the salt cedars, sipping a cold beer and watching the muddy waters of the Pecos River flow past while we cracked on one another and reveled in our worlds of no real jobs, no mortgage, no responsibilities, and no worries.

Dave's voice is so uniquely comforting, he could sing the phone book and make it entertaining. Add to that his insightful, homey lyricism, and Dave's art is something you simply do not want to miss. I particularly also enjoyed Lightning Bugs and Clotheslines, a couple of things I never see anymore but which once again bring back a flood of warm memories. Feeling a little down? Put on Six String Therapy and see if it doesn't bring your smile back, if only for a little while. Every little bit helps, right?

Are You Up There is a wonderfully touching piece of songwriting I heard for the first time when Dave performed it live at Fiddler's Dream a few months ago. It's lovely on this album, and I have to say it's even more effective with the pensive loneliness inherent in the one guitar/one voice of the live show.

The Crime Dog highly recommends And So It Goes. Along with Dave's other albums, it's available in all the usual places, like ITunes, CD Baby, and Rhapsody, or you can go right to the source and get it from Dave himself.

I first reviewed a Dave Zobl album several years ago with Roots and Wings. Then as now, he does not really place himself firmly within the Trop Rock genre, but his music has the heart and soul that we all so enjoy from guys like Mark Mulligan and Rob Mehl. So do yourself a favor, and pick up And So It Goes. While you're at it, try Best Day Yet and Roots and Wings. The Crime Dog would never steer you wrong.

As always, support your favorite artists by purchasing their music. Bootlegs are for losers.


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