Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Crime Dog, Cream Dog, Now This.....

A big AZPHC Phinz Up! to the wonderful people at Packages From Home. Heroes helping Heroes.

So I'm with a bunch of my Parrothead Phriends Saturday at Packages From Home, packing up goodies to ship off to America's True Heroes - the men and women of our U.S. Armed Forces in Iraq and Afghanistan - when I suddenly hear raucous, convulsive laughter from the far end of the packing table. I glance that way, and I see Crash and a few of the fine folks from Packages From Home yukking it up. Cool.

But then I see it....that sideways glance from Crash that lets me know beyond any doubt that it is I, the Crime Dog, who is at the butt of this mirth.

Turns out one of the fine folks from Packages misheard my nickname, and had apparently asked Crash something like "Which one is Crap Dog?" I may not have correctly stated the quote, but you get the sentiment. So, for the rest of that day, and much of that fine evening, I was "The Crap Dog." Remains to be seen how long THAT one will hang on.

In retrospect, I'm beginning the think the "Cream Dog" moniker hung on me by the LA club a few years ago at Parrot Grande is downright preferable.

Hey, call me anything! We packed up 50 boxes for our troops Saturday. Everything else pales in comparison.


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